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Find the right compost for your plants...

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Alpine Compost

Alpine compost is perfect for growing alpines in your containers.


Top Soil

Top soil compost is perfect  to enrich the soil in your borders ready for planting.


Multi Purpose Compost

Multi Purpose compost is a good all rounder for digging into your borders to enrich your soil, and for potting up your hanging baskets and containers.

We stock a variety of composts for different situations.



We stock decorative and landscape bark. Used  to enhance the look of your borders, keep the weeds under control  and retain moisture. Also offers protection in the winter for delicate plants if used as a  mulch. 


Ericaceous Compost

Ericaceous compost is perfect for your acid loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and camellias. 

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Gro Bags

Bags of compost, brilliant for growing your own vegtable plants (tomatoes, salads and herbs) in your green house. 

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