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Trees & Shrubs Landscaping
No landscaping project is complete without trees & shrubs. Trees are essential for landscaping because they can provide privacy, protection from wind, shade on those hot summer days and even entertainment for children who like to climb them.
Shrubs on the other hand, are hardy, evergreen plants that can add a deep green tone to your landscaping design.
Most shrubs can live in harsh conditions, yet still look as if they are thriving. Of course, be sure to read the labels on any plants you want to purchase to make sure they can handle your current environment.
Flowers are a critical element to a perfect landscape design. Because there is such a wide variety of flower types, you can come up with amazing artistic landscaping ideas.
Rock Gardens and Stone Landscaping
Rock gardens are becoming very popular like many other unique landscaping project ideas. Rock gardens and stone landscaping are popular for many reasons.
First, they are generally pretty easy to create. You can use natural rocks and stones you find here at Jacksdale Garden Centre also, rock gardens provide the "natural" look that a lot of people enjoy. If you are not a plant lover and want a low maintenance landscape design, rocks and stones may be just what you are looking for.

Garden Water Features
Water features such as a pond, fountain or waterfall are almost always the first thing that catches the attention of your guests.
That's why these are one of the most popular ideas for landscaping today!
Water is naturally very relaxing, so it makes sense that people would want to have water in their gardens. Waterfalls are especially desirable because you not only get the look of a garden pond, but also the serenity of the sound of splashing water. We stock many waterfeatures at Jacksdale and our staff will be pleased to help you make the right choice.
Click on the water feature here to see a selection of our water features.
Paths and Walkways 
A neat and organized walkway can be a great addition to your garden or landscape design. This can be a sidewalk made out of paving stones or even just a mulch path that curves through your garden.
Walkways allow you to walk through your garden without disturbing the plants or landscape design.